Alabama Land Surveyor: Deatsville, Lake Martin, Lake Jordan, Eclectic, Pike Road, Tuskegee, Tallassee

Deatsville Land Surveyor, Lake Martin Land Surveyor, Lake Jordan Land Surveyor, Tuskegee Land Surveyor, Tallassee Land Surveyor

Alabama Land Surveyor Glen Tanner serves the Montgomery River Region and the Tri-County Area, including the following areas:Deatsville, Lake Martin, Lake Jordan, Eclectic, Pike Road, Tuskegee, Tallassee and surrounding counties. As an Alabama Land Surveyor, I'm dedicated to assisting you with all your surveying needs. Specializing in Loan Surveys or Mortgage Surveys, residential Lot Survey, small acreage or a large Boundary Survey, Boundary problems, Property Deeds with problems or ambiguities.

Alabama Land Surveyor Glen Tanner, became member of the ASPLS (Alabama Society of Professional Land Surveyors) in 1993, a state-licensed Land Survey Professional since 1996 and has over 35+ years in the Surveying Business dealing with all aspects of Land Surveying.

Surveying Marker Stone,Lighter Knot & Concrete Monument

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Need A Lot Survey or Mortgage Survey?

Being a Professional Alabama Land Surveyor, Glen Tanner, is dedicated to taking care of all your land surveying needs big or small, serving Montgomery River Region, and surrounding areas, Millbrook, Prattville, Clanton, Pike Road, Auburn, Birmingham, Tallassee, and Tuskegee. Even though we are a small company, we incorporate modern technology and equipment with experienced highly trained personnel dedicated to serving You.
No matter what your project or land surveying needs, big or small, let my 35+ years of expertise and experience as a Alabama Land Surveyor work for you, give me a call.

Check out our web site, call (334) 625-8175 or e-mail us at MOC.LOA|5718royevrusdnaL#MOC.LOA|5718royevrusdnaL , we`ll be glad to help and assist you.

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"Registered Land Survey Professional since 1996"

Over 35+ years in the Land Surveying Business

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