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Alabama Land Surveyor, Glen Tanner, at Glen Tanner Land Surveying, located in Montgomery,Alabama,is a husband and wife team owned and operated by Glen Tanner, a Professional Registered Alabama Land Surveyor and member of Alabama Society of Professional Land Surveyors, with over 35+ years of hands on surveying experience and his wife, Jennie, with over 30 years in the surveying business.



Glen Tanner, a state-licensed Land Survey Professional, member of the ASPLS (Alabama Society of Professional Land Surveyors) since 1993. Let Glen Tanner's 35+ years in the land surveying industry work for you. This acquired knowledge, insight and ability isn`t something you learn in a book or class, but gained thru years of experience of dealing with a lot of different, adverse and varied situations.
Glen and Jennie Tanner have been a married team for 40 years and a survey team for 30 years. Glen, at a young age becoming an Eagle Scout learned that service thru hard work to help and benefit the community and individuals is important and applies this when dealing with clients.
All work is personally handled by Glen Tanner from start to finish, he doesn`t meet with you the client at the office just to turn the work over to the office help or field crew. He will meet you at your property or job site, so that he can see how he can best help you with your Land Surveying needs or project.
As a courtesy to our customers and clients, we hand deliver the finished closing or mortgage survey to the closing attorney or mortgage company, to assure it arrives on time, isn`t misplaced or lost.
We strive to show our customers and clients the utmost respect and give them the personal attention each one of them deserves. At Glen Tanner Land Surveying, we strive to make our customers and clients surveying experience worry free.

Glen Tanner, a Registered Land Surveyor since 1996, with over 35+ years of personal experience in the Land Surveying Business.


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Glen Tanner
P.O. Box 8175
Montgomery, Alabama 36110
Office 334-625-8175
Email: MOC.LOA|5718royevrusdnaL#MOC.LOA|5718royevrusdnaL


Jennie Tanner
Office, Research, Billing Department
and Field Crew


Winning Team Since 1977

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