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Understanding Old Surveys

Glen Tanner, PLS
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As an Alabama Land Surveyor it is important to be able to read and understand Old Surveys. Below is a copy of an Old Survey, the NW and SW corner are shown as being existing irons. How good are you at reading and understanding Old Surveys.


Can you pick the 2 existing irons out of the pictures shown below? Understanding Old Surveys is an important key to finding old corners. If you don`t understand an Old Survey, you may never find that existing iron.


Have you figured it out?
IF YOU PICKED THESE 2 YOU ARE CORRECT. Not the kind of existing iron you would expect to find, no iron ore in these 2 existing irons, all wood here.


You really wouldn’t expect this one to be a corner, both corners verified by adjoining property owner. It appears to be a cherry knot.


It takes years to develop the skill and experience to find old irons, no signs pointing them out to you. Alabama Land Surveyor Glen Tanner, Glen Tanner Land Surveying, has 35+ years experience and skill to take care of your surveying needs.

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